TSC-JR Single Valve Timer


TSC-JR Quick Start
TSC-JR Manual



  • Open Time
  • After Flow Time
  • Plunger Arrivals Failures
  • Total Valve Open Time
  • Shut Time
  • Recovery Time
  • Last 10 Plunger Runs
  • Fallback Time

The TSC-JR is the second generation single valve timer. This simple timer was designed to be reliable and operator friendly. It can be set up to operate on time or pressure cycles. Sequential key stroking for a simple command. Each individual button delivers the information requested. It even holds settings indefinitely when the power is turned off or the battery needs changed. EDI has developed a quality timer with the best functions available and delivered it as the TSC-JR.


  • Low power consumption, draws less than 80 micro-amps which allows 6-volt lantern battery to last for the shelf life of the battery
  • Easy access to connections for MSO, Murphy Switch Guages, Battery, etc...
  • Time set in Days, Hours, Minutes, and Seconds
  • Large, easy to read display
  • One year warranty