DCSXT-JR Differential Control System


DCSXT-JR Quick Start



  • Four Time Periods
  • Two Clock Rates
  • Two Operational Modes
  • Plunger Arrivals and Failures
  • Gas and Fluid Valve Open Times
  • Tracking Logs

The operating principle of the DCSXT-JR is based on monitoring and control of the casing pressure, tubing pressure and differential pressure between them. Every aspect of production relates to determining the proper differential and operating pressure to achieve the most efficient production. With serial port communication the operator can generate reports which will allow him to troubleshoot, fine tune, and maximize production.


  • Automatically determines the cycling procedure by monitoring differential pressure
  • Automatically sells gas until fluid is accumulated for a plunger cycle
  • Visual pushbutton pressure readings
  • Serial port communications
  • Doesn't cycle plunger dry
  • Solar powered